No but seriously, you guys mean the world to me. Thank you for keeping me going. I really can’t ever say in words how much you all enjoying my work does for me.

I went through  a long period of “my art sucks, why do I bother, everything I make is crap” and stopped drawing for a while. Thank you to all my friends and the kind messages from strangers that got me going again. Thanks, guys. Love ya.

Hey, you draw Gilda really well! Those are some of the best catbirdwaifu faces i've seen. I'm glad i found your tumblr so i can tell you that :D I hope you might draw her some more at some point! Gilda's 'doing loving things' chart was precious. <3

a-aaaahhh thank you so much! I don’t draw her very often, but I’m trying to make a habit of drawing the other species’ in the show. She’ll definitely pop up again.

Do you still play league of legends or make league art?

I do I just don’t post ”em much because I’m self conscious about my non pony art, aaahhh.

Do all eleven know you're married to ELEVEN different ponies?

and a griffon.

I did not think people would enjoy these charts so much. I’m glad they’re having as much fun with them as I am~

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