Hey, you draw Gilda really well! Those are some of the best catbirdwaifu faces i've seen. I'm glad i found your tumblr so i can tell you that :D I hope you might draw her some more at some point! Gilda's 'doing loving things' chart was precious. <3

a-aaaahhh thank you so much! I don’t draw her very often, but I’m trying to make a habit of drawing the other species’ in the show. She’ll definitely pop up again.

Do you still play league of legends or make league art?

I do I just don’t post ”em much because I’m self conscious about my non pony art, aaahhh.

Do all eleven know you're married to ELEVEN different ponies?

and a griffon.

I did not think people would enjoy these charts so much. I’m glad they’re having as much fun with them as I am~

Those who reblog this before June 3rd will receive a Pokemon egg!


And in a day or two, it’ll hatch into a pokemon!

You don’t have to be a Pokemon roleplay blog, or a Pokemon blog, to participate in this~


"Here’s your pokemon egg! Take good care of it ‘til it hatches!"


*next day* “Oh look! Your egg is about to hatch!”


"It hatched into…"


"…an Aron! Congratulations!"

This is just an example — you could get any pokemon! Maybe even a shiny or a legendary~

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